• Our modern cattery is set in tranquil gardens, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Happy and health cats, cared for as well as, if not better than they are at home!

  • Plenty of room for cats to play, explore, and enjoy their holiday with us!

  • Clean, modern facilities, where cats can roam in a safe and secure environment.

  • Quality food, immaculately kept accommodation, and room to play, makes for contented cats!

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Every Cat Deserves A Holiday!

When I went overseas I left my two cats at the CatNap Inn with Barb Ellison. I was away for over 6 months. It was distressing to leave my (very spoiled) cats for so long. However the concern was unfounded as Barb did an excellent job of looking after them.

When I finally got them back they were both in excellent condition, their coats shiny and healthy. They had even lost the wee bit of extra weight they had on when I left them at the cattery. Barb had obviously given them a lot of love and attention. All this helped them settle back into normal life very quickly.

I would happily recommend Barbs care, and that of the CatNap Inn Cattery, for any short or long term stay needed for your cats.

Fiona Gannaway, Christchurch