Our modern cattery is set in tranquil gardens, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Happy and healthy cats, cared for as well as, if not better than they are at home!

Plenty of room for cats to play, explore, and enjoy their holiday with us!

Clean, modern facilities, where cats can roam in a safe and secure environment.

Quality food, immaculately kept accommodation, and room to play, makes for contented cats!

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Every Cat Deserves A Holiday!

When I went overseas I left my two cats at the CatNap Inn with Barb Ellison. I was away for over 6 months. It was distressing to leave my (very spoiled) cats for so long. However the concern was unfounded as Barb did an excellent job of looking after them.


When I finally got them back they were both in excellent condition, their coats shiny and healthy. They had even lost the wee bit of extra weight they had on when I left them at the cattery. Barb had obviously given them a lot of love and attention. All this helped them settle back into normal life very quickly


I would happily recommend Barbs care, and that of the CatNap Inn Cattery, for any short or long term stay needed for your cats.


Fiona Gannaway, Christchurch

Contact Details

Owners: Ricki & Barb Ellison

Address: 6 Scott St, Invercargill, 9812

Phone: (03) 216 4808

Email: riki.ellison@gmail.com